Allan Gibb has worked in the field of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and Entrepreneurship development for over 30 years.

His experience, interests and publications cover virtually all aspects of this field, from the development of enterprise culture at all levels in education, to business start up, survival and growth, to large company restructuring and intrapreneurship and to the training and develhopment of all those stakeholders who impact upon the creation of entrepreneurship.

He has worked in over 80 countries throughout the world ranging from the so-called 'developing' to transition and developed economies. He is well known internationally as a speaker and author. His great interest is in bridging the gap between concept and practice.


Address to the German Social Market Foundation
(Berlin, 1999)

Key Areas of Experience
Policy Regional/Local Economic Development
University Development and SMEs SME Management and Business Development
International Development Training and Development of SME Stakeholders
Enterprise Education in Schools and Colleges Research and Teaching, Academic to Policy


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